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                                                               Longleaf Collection, premium door hardware and accessories, has been developing and manufacturing locally in Aberdeen, North Carolina. Family owned, Longleaf Collection strives to make the highest quality solid brass hardware on the market. Involved every step of the way, Longleaf professionals design, manufacture, finish, and assemble each piece of hardware by hand.

For over 25 years


HANDLE STYLE OPTIONS: Square or Arched plate w/ thumb latch

                                             and interior round knob.

HANDLE FINISH OPTIONS: Black or Matte Nickel

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Solid Steel Spindles will not bend or break

Handles are permanently mounted to face plate.

Easy open latch, with 28 degree retraction.

Sand cast hardware makes every piece unique.

ALL parts and pieces are Proudly Made in America


Tested to withstand 1000 hours of independent salt spray testing, to the ASTM B-117 standard, set finishes will withstand some of the more harsh environments for decades. Set finishes are acquired through a powder coating process, or by applying a clear coat over an antique finish. Longleaf offers an endless variety of colors with their custom powder coating mixes.


Matte Nickel

Locking Mechanism

Square Plate

Arched Plate

is evident in each and every component used to make the hardware. From the high quality finishes, to the mechanisms that activate the hardware, it is apparent when you see and feel it that you are not only purchasing a piece of crafted art for your home, but hardware that will last a lifetime.

The attention to detail

HANDLE STYLE OPTIONS: Square or Arched plate w/ lever handle

HANDLE FINISH OPTIONS: Black or Matte Nickel



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Stainless Steel 3 Point Mechanism

Handle styles shown are in stock and available through DSA.

Multipoint mechanism engages into head jamb and threshold latch. Deadbold engages into the side jamb or inactive door on double door units.

Multipoint Lock Options

Square Lever Handle

Arched Lever Handle

Locking Mechanism

Decorative Windows

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