The Door Store of America's Story: Master Crafted doors since 2002

DSA Doors is a team of people that work together to create an atmosphere in which ideas, leaders, creative thinkers, and motivators thrive. While DSA has grown considerably over the last 17 years, we have maintained our core values. Those values have and always will include integrity, service, creativity and added value to our products.

The increased interest in and demand for wood doors coupled with new manufacturing excellence standards has changed the notion of what, ‘providing exceptional service to clients’, truly means. Our plan started simply enough with wanting to ask ourselves who we wanted to be as a company and what do we want to stand for as an organization? From there, the conversation evolved into a larger-scale examination into our company as a whole, our industry, our competitors, and our economy. DSA Doors’ hope was to clearly and effectively support our customers, while communicating our capabilities and value to a fast-growing wood door market.

DSA Doors inspires homeowners, designers, and builders across the nation. Our doors are master crafted by skilled artisans in our 55,000 SF manufacturing facility. Our product lines consist of doors constructed of Mahogany and Knotty Alder hard woods, which adds instant beauty, distinction, and value to any home. All of DSA's doors are hand assembled, sanded and finished to ensure that every door leaving our plant fully represents the standard of quality we've established throughout nearly 2 decades.

DSA delivers our doors regionally on our own trucks by ensuring that our products are crated exceptionally well and by using only trusted shipping companies so our merchandise will arrive not only on time but in excellent condition.

DSA wants to continue to be THE door store of America.

Our Process

Leading-Edge Products Built For Years To Come

DSA has become one of the most successful manufacturers of wooden door products in the U.S. Market as a result of our corporate culture and values. It is absolutely not the result of any one individual's effort within the organization.

We source all of our wood species through our parent company who was the first World Wildlife Fund member located in SE Asia and has over 40 years of experience coupled with one of the largest virgin forests left in the world (over 100,000 acres). Located within our parent company's walls, is our glass manufacturer where we source all our standard/custom glass requests from that is delivered weekly to DSA Door's manufacturing plant in Raleigh, NC by air and sea freight. Then once the door is crafted and assembled at the Raleigh, NC Plant, it's carried out across the country by our trusted delivery trucks to our handpicked dealers daily and weekly. We are essentially our own supply chain which cuts out the middle men that would typically be involved.

The benefit of being our own supply chain really comes down to being involved in every step of the door assembling process starting with our Parent Company color matching the door order down to hand staining our doors here in the USA to uniquely crating our doors to be shipped out to our customers weekly. You truly can count on the quality and value of our products and services through each step of the way. DSA Doors stand out against the rest.