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Our Doors vs. Theirs

3 Types of Mahogany used in Exterior Doors

DSA Prefinishing Options

Brickmould Casing Options

DSA Glass Options

Prepping Head & Foot

Caring for your DSA Door

Finishing your DSA Door

Handling & Storing your DSA Door

DP-50 & Impact Codes

DP-50 & Impact Rated Codes & Certifications

At DSA we emphasize the importance of purchasing products that are legitimately tested and approved to
meet our DP 50 and Impact Ratings. It is our standard
to provide any and all documentation and test
performance results necessary to give proof and peace
of mind to the end user that indeed they are buying
a legitimate and safe product.

DP Florida Building Code

DP-50 Product Certification Information

Impact Florida Building Code


Take a look at our YouTube videos of both our DP and Impact testing in action.

DP Testing Video

DSA Doors Installation Tips

E-01 Configuration Step by Step Instructions

E-17 Configuration Step by Step Instructions

E-01 Configuration Installation Video

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