WOOD DOOR 1 Year Limited Warranty

DSA warrants, subject to the conditions and exclusions stated below, that all stile and rail hardwood doors sold by the company are of merchantable material, quality, and workmanship and to be free from defects of any of the aforesaid that would deem our product unsuitable for normal and recommended use for which it is sold, for up to a period of 1(one) year from date of shipment. This will apply, only if installed, within the continental USA. DSA warrants its doors only to the first purchaser or to the original purchaser of the residence to which the door is to be installed. In the event of a warranty claim, DSA reserves the right to, at our discretion, repair the said door if possible or ship a replacement door to the person(s) making the warranty claim. Any claims must be made in writing to DSA at 10681 World Trade Blvd., Raleigh NC 27617, within the applicable time period. Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, DSA shall not be responsible for the costs of installation or finishing labor of the replacement of original door or for any other related costs of the replacement door(s). This shall be the sole responsibility of the warranty claimant. This warranty shall be void if the door falls subject to misuse or abuse or has not been correctly stored, installed or maintained in a reasonable work man like manner.


The following shall not be considered as defects in material or workmanship, and are therefore not covered in this warranty.



  1. Warp on any 6’8” door not to exceed ¼” (one fourth of an inch) in any plane of the door itself. Doors that are 96” x 36” & 42” x 1 ¾”, 2 ¼” shall not exceed ½” (one half inch) in any plane. Doors that are taller and/or wider are not covered against warp in this warranty.
    Definition of warp in a door: Warp is any distortion in the door itself, which includes other related terms such as ‘bow’, ‘cup’, and ‘twist’ and does not refer to the frame or jamb in which the door is hung. In the event of a claimed non-conformant door being warp, DSA may defer repairing or replacing the said door for up to a period of 12 months from the date of the claim, as it is not uncommon for a temporary warp, bow, twist, or cup condition to occur while the timber in the door adjusts to local temperature and humidity conditions. If a claim or the above condition is deferred, the deferral period shall not be included as part of the warranty period.
  2. Bow or nonalignment in the frame or jamb in which the door is hung if not purchased pre-hung from DSA.
  3. Physical appearance: Although we try to make a fair representation of our doors, which are displayed in our showrooms and catalogs finished, results in the finish, texture, color or appearance can vary from door to door. These are considered as natural variations in the timber color and texture and are not covered in this warranty. Variations of stile and rail color is natural and is not covered under warranty as a manufacturers defect.
  4. Damage caused by others or beyond the control of DSA including not limited to damage caused by misuse, abuse, accidental or mishandling, or by flood, fire, earthquake, storm, tornado, or other natural acts of nature.
  5. Damage caused by neglect in finishing or maintenance or by failure to comply with the finishing, maintenance, and installation information available upon request from DSA. This includes but is not limited to failure to seal all six (6) sides of the door within a period of 30 days of receiving of the door and regular homeowner maintenance to the finish of the door. Painting a wood door using an opaque dark color will damage the door surface. The use of any opaque dark colors will expose a wood door to extreme UV absorption and will result in high surface temperatures. High surface temperatures and excessive UV exposures will cause severe damages to the wood surface.
  6. Damage caused by excessive trimming. Generally excessive trimming means no more than 1” to be trimmed from the bottom rail, and no more than ½” from the side and top rails. However, this will vary depending on the style and specification of some doors, which allows substantially more to be trimmed. Please check with DSA for advice.
  7. Any damage as a result of over exposure due to installation in an unprotected opening. Doors should not be installed without sufficient roof or overhang protection, with can lead to excessive exposure to the sun and/or precipitation. Sufficient roof overhang will vary depending on the installation and weather patterns or the area in which the door is installed. However, typically it means that doors must have a porch or overhang extending outwards from the entry for a distance of one half of the height measured from the bottom of the door to the under part of the overhang that is furthest away from the entry or door.
  8. All small surface checks or shakes that are 1/32” in width or 2” in length.
  9. Product failure of any nature due to improper installation.
  10. Movement or swelling in panels for up to 3/16” or less. Timber is a naturally grown product and is subject to changes due in variations in temperature and humidity. Occasionally, you may experience panel movement and typically this can be noticed around the edges of the panel, which can leave what is termed as a “stain line.” This expansion and/or contraction is perfectly normal as the construction of the door allows the panels to expand and contract at will. This panel construction is more commonly referred to as ‘floating’ panels.
  11. Damage caused by the installation of a storm door. If you must install a storm door it is highly recommended that it is well ventilated to eliminate the build up of heat, which can have adverse effects on your main entry door behind it.
    Leakage around a speakeasy window offered as and option in a number of our doors.
  12. Attempts to repair our product other than carried out by DSA or approved subcontractor.
  13. Discoloration of decorative hardware such as handle sets, Clavos, Grilles, etc.


Insulated Glass 10 Year Limited Warranty

DSA warrants Insulated Glass (IG) against failure of the air seal and that each unit will be free from material obstruction of vision as a result of fogging on the internal surfaces of IG unit for a period of 10 years.


Warranty conditions, exclusion, and limitation:


Minor glass imperfections which do not impair structural integrity or obscure normal vision, including slight bubbles, lines, surface imperfections or discoloration’s; any imperfections in the glass not detected from 10 feet while looking through the glass as per the guidelines established by federal standard ASTM C 1036-01; cracked or broken glass or damage resulting from accident including impact or wind pressure, misuse or abuse, glass with films or coating applied; and failure of insulated glass  seal due to contact of finishing product.


Our Obligations is to replace the defective glass, FOB dealer’s warehouse from where the original sale was made, NO LABOR, INSTALLATION and/or CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES will be covered.

Claims, Procedures, & Limit of Remedies


Any warranty claims must be submitted as outlined above and within the warranty period outlined above. In the event of a genuine warranty claim, DSA will, at its option either repair the product, supply a comparable replacement product (in the event that a product is no longer available or produced, a replacement which, in the opinion of DSA constitutes a comparable replacement will be supplied) or a full and complete refund of the purchased price of the goods only. DSA reserves the right to inspect any alleged defective products before verifying a claim and must be given at least 30 days to have any door, which is subject to a warranty claim, field inspected by a representative of the company.


This warranty sets forth DSA maximum liability for its products. There is no other warranty expressed or implied, including implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, with respect to its products except as set forth above.


This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which vary from state to state. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or of incidental or consequential damages. Therefore the limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.


In such cases, the duration of any implied warranty shall be the same as that of the expressed warranty stated herein.


Note: DSA reserves the right to make product improvement and changes to specifications, materials and construction details that may not be included in this catalog. DSA doors vary in color and grain, and this may affect the actual finish color.

DP & Impact Codes

DP & Impact Hurricane Codes

At DSA we emphasize the importance of purchasing products that are legitimately tested and approved to
meet our DP 50 and Impact Ratings. It is our standard
to provide any and all documentation and test
performance results necessary to give proof and peace
of mind to the end user that indeed they are buying
a legitimate and safe product.

DP Florida Building Code

Impact Florida Building Code


Take a look at our YouTube videos of both our DP and Impact testing in action.

DP Testing Video

Impact Testing Video