DSA's Coastal Rated Doors

Premium Hurricane Protection with DSA’s Rated Doors

Throughout DSA’s 20 years in business, we’ve obtained multiple certifications in order to offer the beauty of DSA Master Crafted Doors that can meet even the strictest building codes in coastal regions. From DP-50 to Impact Rated and approval for Miami-Dade County, our master artisans assemble a wide variety of Standard and Custom door styles to provide homeowners with safety and security without sacrificing style.

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FL Code Approved Units 100+ Standard DP-50 Styles

Custom Impact Units
HVHZ & Non-HVHZ Impact Ratings

Port Collection
Quick-Ship HVHZ Impact Units  with Miami-Dade NOA

Tested for Superior Hurricane Protection

DSA delivers excellent safety, security, and style to modern and traditional coastal homes. Our doors are engineered to withstand extreme weather conditions and provide additional security to your home.

Through rigorous testing, many of our exclusive door styles are certified for coastal area building code requirements, including DP-50, Impact Ratings for inside & outside the High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), and Miami-Dade approval. Our HVHZ Impact doors are proven to withstand direct impact with large wind-borne debris (TAS 201: Large Missile Impact), Air & Water Infiltration, Positive & Negative Design Loads (DP+/-70), and Forced Entry Resistance. 

Testing Links

  • Helpful Hint: If searching for our results directly on a FL Building Code site, search for “The Door Store of America” rather than DSA Doors.

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