Custom Doors

A custom wood door begins with the customer and an idea

Are you looking for a Custom Door? Do you have a remodeling job that requires a custom door to fit non-standard dimensions? Do you have a new home or a building that calls for an entrance that makes a statement?

DSA’s Custom Door Department is made up of skilled designers and industry professionals with combined experience to help our customers realize any custom door creation. Our Custom Sales Specialists can quote and illustrate any design. We are fully staffed and available to answer any questions and personalize your custom door buying experience.

Semi-Custom Wood Doors can easily achieve a custom look by combining different options from any of our three standard door collections. For example, you can change the look of a door by choosing a different type of glass inset. Often, one set of sidelites can have a wonderful look when used in a door from another collection. In a simple case, one of our standard doors can just be crafted according to non-standard dimensions or from a wood-type of your choice. Our trained Sales Specialists can assist you with any inquiries on options for changing existing door styles for your custom needs.

Fully-Custom Wood Entrance Doors are exactly that at DSA Doors, “custom” by design and requirements. Generally, our custom Doors are only limited by our client’s imagination, budget and/or schedule. Our custom wood door process is simple, transparent and straightforward.

How To Order