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About Alexandria Studio Doors

DSA Doors elevates the entryway experience with the Alexandria Classic and Alexandria Studio door collections. Our Alexandria doors offer timeless elegance and enduring quality, crafted from premium materials and meticulously assembled by skilled artisans.

Alexandria Studio doors expand our Alexandria collection to offer the perfect entry for any architectural style, with diverse panel options and customizable lite styles.

  • 1 3/4” Stain Grade Mahogany
  • Clear and Flemish IG Low E for TDL and SDL doors
  • Etched and Leaded glass styles
  • Three bottom panel styles
  • Additional side lite and transom options
  • 6’8” & 8’0” door sizes
  • Available DP-50 Rated
  • Jambs: 4 9/16” & 6 9/16”

Studio 1LT 

Studio Etched 4LT

Studio etched 6LT

Studio 3LT TDL

Studio 4LT TDL

Studio 6LT TDL

Studio 8LT TDL

Studio 12LT TDL

 Studio leaded 3LT 

 Studio SDL Grids



Colonial Recessed Panel

Studio Raised Panel

Flat Shaker Panel

E-09 Transoms

Fits over 3’0” doors with 12” or 14” side lites

E-01+T Transoms

Fits over 3’0” & 3’6” door widths
Interior face of the door features a low-profile flat molding around the panel and glass.

12” or 14” transom height

Alexandria Studio side lites and transoms use 1 5/8″ Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) grids to match TDL doors.

SDL Grid Options

DSA offers additional standard door sizes for many of our Alexandria Studio styles. Utilizing our 1 Lite door, our team of master artisans applies SDL grids to the interior and exterior surfaces of our premium Low E glass. Available for Studio 3LT, 4LT, 6LT & 8LT door styles, our Alexandria Studio SDL Doors are made to order using 1 5/8” or 7/8” Ovolo Mahogany grids. Basic grid designs can also be made in-house through DSA’s Custom Department.

  • Glass: Clear or Flemish IG Low E
  • 8’0″ Height Door Widths: 2’6″, 2’8″, 3’0″, 3’6″
  • 6’8″ Height Door Widths: 2’6″, 2’8″, 3,0″
  • Configurations: E-01, E-01+SL, E-01+T, E-03, E-04, E-09

Alexandria Classic vs Studio FAQ

Alexandria Classic

More configurations with greater flexibility for retro-fit units and traditional design features with Beveled glass and Ogee panel.
  • Mahogany door, 3/4 View over Panel
  • 3LT, 4LT, 6LT, 8LT, & 9LT TDL styles
  • More configurations (includes double door transoms & arched transoms)
  • 6’8” & 8’0” door sizes: 4LT & 6LT TDL
  • 3’6” x 8’0” door size: 8LT TDL only
  • Clear Beveled & Flemish glass (3LT & 9LT in Clear Beveled only)
  • Traditional Ogee Raised Panel
  • Matching TDL Sidelites: 10”, 12”, & 14”; 24” available for 3LT TDL
  • Square Transom: 10” & 12”
  • Single Door Transom: 12” & 14”
  • Trimmable for retro-fit units: trim up to 3-1/2” height, in between 30”-32” slab width, trim up to 1/4” on 3’0” slab width
  • Available DP-50 Rated

Alexandria Studio

More sizes & styles overall with more customization options & contemporary design features.
  • Mahogany door, 3/4 View over Panel
  • 3LT, 4LT, 6LT, & 8LT TDL styles
  • NEW: 1LT, Etched 4 & 6LT, Leaded 3LT, and 12LT TDL door styles
  • NEW: 3LT, 4LT, 6LT & 8LT SDL options
  • Limited configurations
  • 6’8” & 8’0” door sizes (Leaded 3LT & 12LT 8’0” only)
  • 3’6” x 8’0” door size: 1LT, 8LT, & 12LT TDL and 3LT, 4LT, & 6LT SDL
  • Clear & Flemish glass
  • 3 Panel styles engineered to be more resistant to cracking
  • 1LT or Matching SDL Side Lites: 12” or 14”
  • Square Transom: 12” & 14” with multiple SDL lite options
  • Height trimmable up to 2-1/2”
  • Available DP-50 Rated
Q: Is there a price difference between Classic & Studio doors?
  • A: Studio & Classic door styles (3LT, 4LT, 6LT, & 8LT) all share the same price, with some Studio 3LT configurations being less than Classic prices. Additionally, the 1LT Studio is a lower price point than the Wakefield 1LT.
Q: Is the Studio door construction different?
  • A: Alexandria Studio doors use the same finger jointed stile & rail construction as our Classic doors with some additional modifications. Alexandria Studio doors feature 3 panel options that are engineered to be more resistant to cracking common with wood exterior doors. The interior face of the door also features a non-removable low-profile flat molding around the glass and panel.
Q: What is the warranty for Studio doors?
  • A: Our Alexandria Studio doors has the same 1-year limited manufacturing warranty as all of our other Mahogany exterior door units.
Q: Does the glass – to – panel proportions match the Classic Alexandria?
  • A: The 8’0” Alexandria Studio panel heights match the Classic Alexandria’s panel heights. However, the Studio 6’8” doors do not match the Classic 6’8” panel heights as they were designed to match the 8’0” doors instead. This makes the Studio 6’8” doors a true 3/4 view with more glass than the Classic Alexandrias.
Q: How is the Studio Raised panel different?
  • A: The Classic raised panel profile is used on most of our stock Mahogany doors. The Studio raised panel is a compressed panel with a single-step and no decorative Ogee profiled edging. This is a more contemporary style with simple, clean lines.
Q: Why are the side lites & transoms SDL and not TDL?
  • A: In order to offer more customization options and popular requests received over the years, the option of 1LT and multiple transom lite options is a main difference between the Classic & Studio doors. In order to offer more options, we designed special SDL grids that are the same size and appearance as the TDL grids that match seamlessly with the TDL doors.
Q: Can customers mix & match Alexandria Studio & Classic side lites and/or transoms?
  • A: Using Alexandria Classic side lites with Studio doors is NOT recommended. The panels may be the same height for 8’0” doors, but the panels themselves do not match. The Classic transoms are not designed for the Studio doors and do not match.
  • Depending on what your customer’s budget and lead time expectations are, DSA’s Standard & Custom Sales Specialists can help find a solution that works best for your customer’s needs if they are wanting a Studio door in a Classic configuration.
Q: Can direct-set side lites and/or transoms be paired with the Studio doors?
  • A: Direct-set is good stock option for customers wanting full=view side lites with their Studio Doors. Direct-set side lites/transoms can be added to most non-rated DSA stock doors. Pricing & order processing must be done by our Inside Sales Specialists since this is not a standard offering in our Alexandria Collection.
Q: Why is there a Studio SDL option and two SDL sizes available?
  • A: Since the Studio 1LT is available in the most sizes, we can offer the 3LT & 8LT doors in 6’8” heights and in the narrower 8’0” sizes without having to custom order. This increases the standard options available to customers at a lower price point & faster lead time. SDL bars are available in the wider 1 5/8” width to match TDL doors if a customer needs multiple doors for a job in sizes not offered in TDL. If the customer prefers the look of the wider grid in a size not stocked as TDL, this option is available for them. Since most SDL doors have narrower grids, the 7/8” option is for customers who would prefer that look for our 3LT, 4LT, 6LT, and 8LT door styles.
Q: Can custom glass (Rain, Seedy Baroque, etc) be ordered for Studio Doors?
  • A: Yes, custom glass is available for Studio doors like all of DSA’s standard doors at an additional cost and extended lead time.
Q: Can panels be swapped out for a different style after an order has been shipped?
  • A: Yes, the panels can be removed and changed like other stock DSA doors.
Q: Can Studio doors have distressed factory finish?
  • A: No, Studio doors are not available with distressed finishing.
Q: What is the lead time on Studio doors?
  • A: Alexandria Studio doors are stocked doors just like our Alexandria Classic doors. The lead time is the same as our standard lead time.
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