Why You Should Choose a Wood Door

As you are probably aware, there are many different types of materials used to make front doors. As a designer or builder, you can choose a traditional wood door, or one constructed from steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or other materials. You can also choose solid wood or engineered wood, which has a high-end wood veneer over a lower-grade wood core.

At DSA Doors, we manufacture Master-Crafted solid wood doors. Drawing on centuries of tradition and decades of experience, we know that a solid wood door is one of the best investments a homeowner can make in their home. In this article, we’ll discuss the various benefits of a wood door and give you some tips on protecting these classic front doors from the elements.

DSA Doors provides wood doors of superior craftsmanship and quality. Not only do we have dozens of models to choose from, we can also create custom designs to suit any project.

The Benefits of a Wood Front Door

Looking to buy a new front door? Are you a builder working on a project and want to source top rated wood doors in a variety of classic styles? Whatever the case, the benefits of having a solid wood front door don’t change! See below to find out why heavy wood doors are better than fiberglass, steel, and many other options.

Wood Doors Offer Strength & Security

Safety is an important concern for many people looking to move into a new home or purchase a front door. Solid wood doors are incredibly strong and resistant to break-in attempts. Averaging around 150 pounds, solid wood doors do not budge easily. In fact, many types of wood used for doors are so hearty that they’re difficult to even dent. As a result, it takes a lot more than a kick or shove to force it open.

Of course, to remain strong, you need to protect the door against weather and wind. Depending on your location, you may even need an impact-rated DP-50 or DP-70 door. Fortunately, all DSA Doors are subjected to extreme testing conditions that simulate hurricane-force winds to ensure their safety and reliability.

Wood Front Doors are Durable & Repairable

Fans of aluminum and fiberglass doors often tout how inexpensive they are. Unfortunately, as in most cases, you get what you pay for. Metal and veneered doors are not easy to repair once they’re damaged. In many cases, they often need to be replaced outright. However, solid wood doors can be sanded and refinished multiple times.

In addition to being repairable, DSA Doors are constructed for maximum durability. In fact, our proprietary 11-ply floating panel core and finger joint laminated rails protect against warping and splitting for years to come.

Wood Doors are Customizable & One-of-a-Kind

Every wood door is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. From traditional wood door styles to custom models and beyond, wood’s warm, natural aesthetic is perfect for welcoming guests and upgrading a home’s curb appeal. And since wood doors have been produced for centuries, there is a wide range of designs and options available to choose from. In addition to design options, wood doors can be re-stained when updating the style of your home, something that’s impossible with almost any other material.

At DSA Doors, we have over 30 Standard Door collections to choose from. Our Custom Design Team can help you design your perfect door from scratch. During this process, you can choose every element, from the type of timber to the panel design. You can even add custom glass.

Wood is Sustainable & Energy-Efficient

Sustainably sourced wood is one of the most environmentally friendly materials currently available. After all, it is not only a natural carbon sink but also 100% natural and truly renewable. Another benefit to wood doors is that they are extremely energy efficient. Sure, they may need some additional insulation around the edges, but that investment will pay for itself 1000x over throughout the life of the entryway.

DSA Doors exclusively uses sustainably sourced timber, which is managed in an environmentally, socially, and economically beneficial manner. We also feature innovative door collections with CLPF construction, which replaces our solid hardwood cores with an energy-efficient foam core for the highest thermal performance.

All our doors have a complimentary low-emissivity (Low E) double-coating on the glass to further increase thermal efficiency. This minimizes the amount of heat and UV light that comes through your glass without minimizing the visible light entering your home.

Looking for high-quality wood entry doors? Check out DSA Doors’ full catalog of models, including Traditional Doors, Coastal Doors, and more.

How to Protect a Wooden Front Door

Every homeowner wants to preserve the look of their property for generations to come. There are two main factors to consider when purchasing a wood door.

Sun Exposure

One of the biggest factors in wood door maintenance is sun exposure. To reduce the damaging effects of the sun, we recommend installing a protective overhang on all wood doors. In fact, if possible, we recommend this for all exterior doors. However, DSA’s Wynstellar Collection, which features high-performance acetylated Accoya wood, does not require an overhang and is a good choice for exterior doors subjected to harsh climates and conditions.

Keep in mind, the overhang needs to extend at least half the distance from the base of the door to the bottom of the overhang. So, if your overhang is 10 feet from the base of your door, it needs to extend at least 5 feet to provide adequate protection. Manufacturers typically require a suitable overhang in warranty documentation. 

Proper Maintenance

The other way to preserve your wood door is through regular maintenance. One of the most important aspects of this is keeping up with your door’s protective clear coat. If the clear coat degrades, your door’s stain and wood become vulnerable to the elements.

Depending on your weather and overhang coverage, you should try to maintain the door at least once a year. However, you should make sure to act quickly whenever you feel the clear coat is wearing off. You don’t need to be an expert, either. Simply clean your door, lightly sand, then apply another clear coat. You can apply 2-3 coats for maximum protection, letting each coat dry before applying another.

To order your Master-Crafted exterior wood door, reach out to your local DSA Dealer today!

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