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DSA’s Coastal Rated Doors

DSA has a wide variety of Coastal Rated Doors to provide homeowners with the safety and security their coastal homes require, without sacrificing style. We emphasize the importance of purchasing products that are thoroughly tested and approved to meet our coastal ratings. Each Rated Unit is subjected to extreme testing conditions that simulate hurricane-force winds and test the units’ air and water infiltration resistance. DSA offers varying units that can comply with your local building codes and requirements. Contact your DSA Dealer for more information and assistance in choosing a door for your coastal home!

DP-50 Rated Doors

Almost all DSA Collections are available with a DP-50 Rating, with the exception of half-round units, exterior featured units (Dutch and Breezeport), and direct-set configurations. These high-performance units are tested in extreme conditions that simulate wind forces of up to 173 miles per hour. Our DP-50 units feature steel reinforced frames and double t-astragals for extra stability and security against hurricane-force winds. Inswing DP-50 units use the Schlagel HydroSil to help prevent stormwater from entering your home.

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Impact Rated Doors

Impact Rated units are created to withstand hurricane-force winds of over 200 mph and endure flying debris that would shatter a regular door. DSA offers both HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zone) Impact Rated Units and Non-HVHZ Impact units (tested for +/- 50 Design Pressure) – available for both Inswing and Outswing Doors. Our Impact Rated doors are 2 1/4″ thick with Laminated Safety Glass tested to withstand impact from large windborne debris. Impact Units use 2″ thick jambs, active & passive multipoint locks, Stainless Steel hinges, and water deterrent sills. Almost all of our standard DSA Collections are available Impact Rated and can be purchased through our Custom Sales Department.

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HVHZ Impact Rated Doors

For the highest hurricane protection, DSA’s Port Collection of in-stock Mahogany doors are Impact Rated and approved for use in High-Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ) such as Miami-Dade. With all the safety and security features of our Custom Impact Rated doors, Port Collection units come with clear laminated safety glass, 2 1/4″ thick slabs, multipoint lock system, stainless steel hinges, and water deterrent sills. The units are tested for Air Infiltration and Water Infiltration, offer Forced Entry Resistance Protection, and have a Design Pressure Rating of ± 70.0 PSF. For reference, our FL Approval Codes are: Inswing FL#21873.4, Outswing FL#21873.5.

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DSA Impact Testing Timeline

DSA is working to improve upon the current impact ratings of all units in our collections to meet the requirements for Florida/Miami-Dade and Texas. These improvements make DSA competitive in national markets and certify that our impact rated doors can hold up to the harsh environmental conditions experienced in a coastal environment. This is shown through impact missile testing, down pressure cycling, and high water exposure.

We emphasize the importance of purchasing products that are thoroughly tested and approved to meet our coastal ratings. At DSA, we pride ourselves in providing an incredibly durable product that will be able to keep occupants safe in the event of high velocity impact situation.

Impact Testing Phase One:

Certifying Miami-Dade approval on five additional inswing and outswing configurations (includes most of DSA’s single & double door configurations).

  • • DP-70 configurations available: E-01, E-01B, E-01C, E-04 & E-17
  • • Minimum slab size: 2’0″ x 6’0″
  • • Maximum slab size: 6’0” x 10’0”
  • • Maximum frame size: 76 5/8” x 123 3/8”

Phase 1 Completion Target: Q1-22

Impact Testing Phase Two:

Certifying Miami-Dade approval on all configurations with side lites and transoms, as well as half-round configurations.

  • • Configurations: E-01+SL, E-01+SL+T, E-01+T, E-03, E-04+SL, S-04+SL+T, E-04+T, E-07, E-08, E-09, E-12, E-14, E-17B, E-18, E-18B, E-19, & E-19B
  • • Minimum slab size: 2’0″ x 6’0″
  • • Minimum side lite size: 1’0” x 6’0”
  • • Minimum transom size: 2’0” x 1’0”
  • • Maximum frame size: 127 1/2” x 137 1/8”

Phase 2 Completion Target: Q2-22

Impact Testing Phase Three:

Certifying Miami-Dade approval on Mahogany CLPF units, and testing new hardware options such as concealed DSA hinges, GU Secury multipoint lock, and pull bars.

Phase 3 Completion Target: Q3-22

Impact Testing Phase Four:

Certifying Miami-Dade approval on DSA Pivot and Bifold Doors. Certifying French Doors for DP-50 rating. Certifying all Miami-Dade approved units to Texas Code (TDI).

Phase 4 Completion Target: 2023